New Maps and Tag Team Donation^^

yO! homies!
ahahaha you thought I was dead but I’m not! In fact I AM WINNING RIGHT NOW, fighting hard slowly gaining my life back from the uni work.. argh who am I lyin.. I’m right in the middle of a huge pile of a shitload of work xD
hah, especially in the times I cannot really afford to play UT I think about it the most.. I almost have a bad conscience about it haha.. ridiculous!
At least that conscience converted into money, so we’ve got some support in,

30 Do’s

approx. 15 from me and 15 from beloved homie Shade

he’s feelin the UTlove once again xD
list of the maps:

DraculasCastle – a seriously hard map by h0ntr with some quality obstacles in difficulty and creativity
EternalCave – one of my favorite ctf maps ported to bt, decent job by lauren
Legoism – the legomania doesnt stop, Roel gets his take on it. quite hard if you dont spend your time with it in god mode^^
mordor – new, style map with a bit of normal weapons bt, created by irridium77
Over(Roel)ed – a compilation of easy parts from his own maps, probably the koolest compilation map, especially if youre not the hugest fan of CN xD
OverNight-v3 – a mid difficult map by janttu
Prosperity – a linear map by lauren, krypton style
SubtleFallout (v2 is going to be on the next update) – a map reminiscent of OldMill by the same genius, drunklove
TheFragUnitBT3 – a linear rush map by TheFragUnit i guess

enjoy the good shit