New “Practice friendly” server update!

We now have a new update live on the server titled : Checkpoints.

It’s a simple update, and it works entirely fine in the server, you can either use “Mutate checkpoint” in the command console or type !CP in the chat, to turn your checkpoint off you can use !nocp but you can just use !CP again if you want to move it “further”.

Just so you’re aware, you cannot cap if you use checkpoints, however it is a way to practice hard areas etc etc.


BT Players know that: You play an awesome BT map (which you don’t know), but unfortunately you don’t
make it to the end because you die. That’s very frustrating!

BTCheckPoints allows all BT players out there to set a ‘Checkpoint’ on which they will respawn
after they die! Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

From now on, you are able to discover BTMaps safely, without making thoughts about hidden crushers or
anything that could move you back to your startspot! On top of that, this mutator is also a great help
for rushers or for ‘normal’ players to get some practise on a map or on a specific obstacle!

Ofcourse, BTCheckpoints comes with a build-in laming preventer:
After respawning at a Checkpoint, players are not able to cap. They have to do a run FROM THE BEGINNING
on their own.

This mutator comes with a cooperating mode for BTPlusPlus to optimize its features. For that mode
to work, servers need at least version BTPlusPlus097r4, I recommend version 098 or higher.
In addition, BTCheckpoints also comes with a Nexgen cooperating mode, so that the player messages
will be automatically colored (if Nexgen HUD is enabled)!

Admins can choose between many config options, like the CP outward appearance or usefull HUD information for players.
Have a look at the ‘Settings’ paragraph to know more about them.

Commands :

For SETTING a checkpoint, players can either enter
‘mutate checkpoint’
in their console (how impractical, but good for keybinds)


they can simply SAY: ‘!cp’

For REMOVING a checkpoint, the command
“mutate nocheckpoint”
will do the trick,


Saying: ‘!nocp’

If you are interested in binding a key for setting a checkpoint, enter this into your UT console:
‘set input ‘key’ mutate checkpoint’
‘set input ‘key’ mutate nocheckpoint’

where ‘key’ is your specific key you want to use.

In addition to this, I have removed the IP of the Voice server in the forum portal HTML as we no longer own it.
Have fun!