Server online

After some impressive uploading skills by Maz, we’ve got the server back online.

Sorry it’s taken me so long to configure it, but the server is online and running successfully!

Just one small snag, the new mapvote (mapvoteLAv2) is not very CTF-BT friendly, so, I’ve renamed all maps.

I realise some people have some maps already downloaded, so just be careful if some of our maps clash with your own current ones, it’s bound to happen.

Also, VRN clock and VRN logo and VRN BT is currently not working due to me being unable to find the mods, I’ve searched my whole computer and it looks like my backup.rar is lost, never fear, I’m still looking!

Doing an extensive search on any .rar files i’ve got on my system, as I know i’ve got it somewhere!

Also, we’re still sticking with ASC, as it’s reliable and easy to control.


We will no longer be using any “addon” administration controls, there’ll simply be ASC and adminlogin as our admin commands, thus to stop myself being tempted to piss about or cheat, cus i’m a naughty boy.

The great news is, within 1 hour of the server coming back online (mapvote was still broken) we had 5 people (including myself) online, which is incredible, hopefully we can become active again!

I had fun capping and trying to cap, !Cp and !nocp is working wonderfully, people can’t cap because they can’t pick the flag up. There will be some problems where the flags are close together, but this can’t be fixed unless the flags are moved a part, in my opinion that’s poor mapping, but hey, we’re the chillingfields, not recordfields, lets have fun and if you can get a rec, awesome!

Welcome back VRN Smile